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Review - Blancmange

One thing we often lack the time to do is return to restaurants that have really appealed to us in our travels seeking out new and different. One such restaurant was Blancmange in Petersham. HERE is a reminder of what we ate on our first visit there back in July 2007.

So recently on a rainy night off, we finally found the time to return for a meal. Our intention was to have the good value 3 courses for $50, but we flagged after the large mains and ended up leaving before dessert, so we paid even less! I also note that in eighteen months, the price of this three course special has risen a mere two dollars.

This time I began with the Chicken Liver Parfait with Pinot Noir Jelly, Cornichons, Onion Jam and toasted Sourdough ($16) which transported me to the rustic French farm-stay of my dreams. Ah the decadence!

In my bliss I totally ignored my dining companion getting stuck into the rich pleasure of the Twice Cooked Cheese and Herb Souffle ($16). Lucky for me I’d tried it last time, because he made pretty fast work of the dish, leaving me but a smear of the creamy cheese sauce.

Each time I return to Blancmange, I leave with a new reason that I’m glad it’s my local. This time it was the mostly for the house-made vegetarian Gnocchi ($28) with butternut pumpkin, which arrived at the table topped with a wonderful warmed wheel of Soignon Buche Blanc cheese. I am now of course obsessed with this cheese, and even went so far as to take it to my beautician for Xmas. She loved it!

After stealing a good sample of my dining companion's Black Angus Rump Steak ($28) with mash, bone marrow and parsley sauce, I was full to bursting.  While my eyes caressed our neighbours’ desserts, my stomach convinced me that since they’re just down the road with free, convenient parking, I can pop back for dessert sometime soon.

The wine list is still interesting, and well-priced. We tried the 2007 Coteau de la Biche Chenin Blanc ($40) from Vouvray, France which was austere with minerally notes. It worked better with food, as the fruit (white peach) appeared. The service was warm and welcoming once again, with just the right amount of flair.

1 Station Street, Petersham
Ph: (02) 9568-4644

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