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Valentine's Day Present

Butter, lard, beef dripping and ghee - because I love him and he loves me! 

This was my Valentine's Day gift to my significant other this year - Jennifer McLagan's new book, Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes.

Naughtily I used it in my column this week too, because I had to share with my readers that there is at least one book on the market that reminds us that fat is “critical to the flavour of our food: without it, meat has no real taste.

One of the first questions I asked the author was how scary it was to release a book about the dreaded 'f' word in today's market? Jennifer replied: “I didn’t think a book on FAT was that crazy and I was never scared by the idea. I knew it would be controversial but I didn’t realise that it would meet with such resistance especially in the world of New York publishing. The book took a long time to sell but finally the Canadian publisher then the US publisher (in California) came on board and FAT will be published in the UK next month. Many people are now saying what a timely idea – if only they had said that three years ago.

Jennifer goes a step further and suggests that if you eat “the right fats, and you’ll probably lose weight.” She's saying this because fat is satisfying, and digests slowly, so you’re less likely to snack between meals.

The recipes seem great, though he's yet to try one. He's very excited by the Braised Oxtail, which I duly hunted and gathered for him today at Craig Cook's Prime Quality Meats .

I can hardly wait for the results... the chapter headings should give you an idea of what's to come: ‘butter: worth it’; ‘pork fat: the king’; ‘poultry fat: versatile and good for you’; ‘beef and lamb fat: overlooked but tasty’. Apart from all the recipes, there are lots of sidebars, quotes and asides that help explain the history and culture surrounding our favourite fats.

Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes
Jennifer, McLagan
RRP: $44.95
Simon and Schuster

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