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Review - Out of the Blue

You walk into a daggy looking takeaway shop and you hear two words: “French” and “chef” and instantly your hurried takeaway meal starts looking a lot more inviting. This friendly French couple Sophie and Jean-Marc have been in Clovelly for six years, and their eclectic menu of convenient food is a testament to why. And yes, he's a chef, and they're both French.

I had a lovely Fish Burger ($6.20) substituting an excellent coleslaw for their regular tomato and lettuce combination and on my second visit, I had an even better Chicken Burger ($6.20) with such a juicy crumbed breast fillet of chicken, and a lovely, creamy mayonnaise. I also substituted the coleslaw the second time - it was that good!

The roux-based Cheese Croquette ($2.50) is not the usual fare on a takeaway menu, but well worth a try, particularly if you’re lucky enough to be able to buy a bottle of Fiona’s locally made Trinidad Style Hot Pepper Sauce ($7). A special of Marinated Octopus with Soya, Sweet Chilli, Coriander and Lemon ($6.50) proves tasty and like most things, improves with hot sauce.

Here you can see a Crumbed Camembert ($3.50) which was good, but not as good as the Cheese Croquette ($2.50) which I didn't photograph on our first visit due to a lack of camera. You can also see a Potato Scallop ($0.80) and a Pineapple Fritter ($1.20) which is also a win with excellent batter, probably due to the fresh cottonseed oil all their fried offerings are cooked in.

Also corroborating the store's community-mindedness is their great business card featuring the art-work of a local girl, proudly displayed in store. You can visit this better-than-average take-away store from Wednesday to Sunday after 11.30am. A goal-kicking local hamburger shop if ever I saw one, matched only by Paul's Famous Hamburgers in Sylvania (review coming).

Out of the Blue

272 Clovelly Road, Clovelly
Ph: (02) 9315 8380

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