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CODA - Music for the Eyes

Last night I went to CODA - Music for the Eyes at The Studio. It's a great show, and you too can attend, by clicking on the link. It has 3 shows left, including a special LATE show at 10pm on Saturday night, so if you're not doing anything tomorrow night, I highly recommend it.

We sat cabaret style on a lovely table where we got a great view of the performances in particular. One of my favourite performers, Imogen Kelly, features highly, and she had an excellent new costume that (despite it being a full body suit), felt very rude... It was kind of like a sexy version of the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz, except it had hair protruding from the groin, and a tuft of hair round the arsehole. It had a big fat tail, that she had to lift over the hoop during the ring routine. For some reason I found her man-handling her tail over the suspended ring very sexy, very visceral. Imogen also did a wonderful routine on white silks, which were arranged in a hammock like configuration, it actually felt like she was playing in the sails of a ship, which played into the nautical theme incredibly well.

The very sexy, tattooed, curvy Celia from Circus Bizarre performed her arse off, in a Pan role, a busty wench in a frou-frou evening dress and nudie-rudie in a glittery g-string. Lots of boobies in the show too, by the way ;-)
Her Pan costume was raunchy goat skin hot-pants (well at least that's what it looked like) and her character acting was at an all-time high. She was joined on the stage by the other CODAdependant Showgirls but I must confess to being a bit taken with Celia's performance and not noticing the other stuff so much!

The final performance highlight for me was Lull... let me just say creepy, creepy, pestulant boobies, hanging Jesus-like from the stage with Celia humping her mermaid tail. And that wasn't even the worst of it. Waaaaaaaay funny.

CODA played very well - the music was beautiful, the movie of mer-men was funny, and all in all, I really, really enjoyed the show!
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