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Duck & Wonton Soup

In recent times our home cooking has expanded to include whole ducks. The best bit of this is making our own duck fat and duck stock. One great use for the stock is a simple Duck and Wonton Soup.

We tend to have it on a Monday night after roasting a whole duck for Sunday dinner. The remaining duck meat is stripped from the carcass, diced and thrown into the soup mix. I like to add wontons, which I generally pick up in an Asian supermarket freezer section and deep fried tofu cubes which are generally in the deli fridge section.

Beyond that, grab some shallots, fresh chilli and coriander, and you're ready to enjoy a warm, satisfying bowl of duck soup. It's so different from the traditional roast duck the evening before, you wont even remember you're eating the same protein twice in a row.

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