MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

Free-Range Pork Cutlets

Tonight Sveta came over for dinner and the S.O. pulled this plate of comfort food together from a combination of exciting ingredients I found today, and exciting things from our freezer.

My fresh produce was baby spinach, fresh Pine Mushrooms (some still with pine needles), baby carrots and free-range pork cutlets from AC Butchery. The frozen produce was another excellent sachet of parsnip puree made on an earlier occasion, and sour cherries. I picked up a kilo frozen for $12, so we will be doing lots of sour cherry activities in coming weeks. This time they were made into a simple yet rewarding sauce with a little of the white wine we were drinking and the pork's pan juices.

Not bad for a Monday night, I thought!

Tags: food, recipes
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