MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

Truffled Steak Burgers

Saturday night we decided to stay in, and after I made a very successful bread and butter pudding based on creme fraiche and a panettone gifted from the green grocer, our usual chef pulled out Truffled Steak Burgers. I had been tempted by these highly marbled beauties from our local butcher (AC Butchery) - pre-marinated pieces of sirloin vaccum sealed in extra virgin olive oil, truffle essence, salt, pepper and herbs, unual for me as I tend to shun other people's marinades in favour of making our own as they are usually much better. But this time, I was not disappointed. We sliced up one steak amonst four baby burgers and the requisite feline tax, with the meat cost for the meal that fed us and five cats coming up to a bargain $9.20.

Tags: food, recipes
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