MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

The ULTIMATE Quesadilla

This dish was inspired by hearing that nurse_nihilist  was making quesadillas. We decided to use our second truffled sirloin to make our own version of the dish. We cooked the steak on the grill pan, along with red and yellow capsicums, canned sweet corn kernels, halved shallots and some Mexican spices. I threw together a simple guacamole using roma tomatoes, creme fraiche* (my new favourite ingredient), fresh lime and avocado. We used a smattering of cheeses from our cheese box - a creamy goat's cheese, a pizza mix and I grated up a big chuck of Comte - to glue them together, and decorated with a sprig of fresh mint. The end result was THE ULTIMATE QUESADILLA!

*Creme Fraiche (if you haven't yet indulged) is a sublter and more sophisticated sour cream, existing half way between heavy cream and sour cream. It's less sour than sour cream, with a ph of about 4.5. I used half our container in the guacamole and half in an undocumented *sob* bread and butter pudding last night, and it made the BEST EVER bread and butter pudding! It was invented in Normandy, and obviously the French version is a superior product (you can buy it in Harris Farm Broadway). Today I tried an Australian version which was not quite as complex but certainly nice. It has a slightly fermented, cultured flavour which adds a sophistication to most dishes you'd use sour cream in. If you decide on using light creme fraiche for dietary reasons, you cannot cook with it because it has too low a percentage of butter fat and as a result it will curdle.

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