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Review - Churras The Brazilian Barbecue

Handsome Brazilian men bearing sixteen different skewers are the main attraction here - it’s called Rodizio ($35/head) and it is the Brazilian method of continuous service. What they're serving is of course barbecued meat. The setting is quite elegant in a masculine way - dark red walls set off manly meaty pleasures.

White Sangria ($28/jug) is my drink of choice; along with a lot of water - it’s salty stuff so expect to throw it back.

All concerns about hygiene are headed off at the pass with each diner getting their own set of tongs to sample the wares of the smiling crew; along with bottomless sides including addictive creamy banana, crisp cassava and crunchy polenta, These were all excellent, and it was hard not to just munch on them, but to do so was to lose valuable stomach space for the hero proteins to come.

There was also potato salad, an ordinary green salad (invaluable for giving your palate a break), farofa (great for absorbing up fat) and one of Sydney’s better black bean mixes.


The selection of skewers goes from beef fillet to more obscure choices like chicken hearts (chewy but not overly strong in flavour). In case you call a halt before getting through all of the options, make sure you try the dish the Brazilians come here for, Garlic Rump Cap or ‘picanha’. They are quite heavy handed with the garlic here, but each option seems to come around without garlic as well, so just hold out if you plan on kissing someone not dining with you later!

The beef fillet, soothing honey cinnamon pineapple, tasty coconut prawns and chicken legs also won my vote, as did the crunchy garlic bread. Here's a plated serve of the beef fillet with onion and capsicum, which was lovely, the vegetables in particular picking up the char of the grill nicely. They’ll even do a skewer or two for visiting vegetarians ($25/head) but you must be totally vegetarian, not a chicken eating vege-mah-tarian.

Your table will be good and spattered by the end of this seeminly endless festival of meat. You'll be groaning, but believe me, dessert makes it better...

I reiterate, there’s always room for dessert because proud owner Alessandra Costa’s Brigadeiro ($2) and Beijinho ($2), condensed milk balls with chocolate and coconut, are to die for and they are just tiny little morsels of creamy condensed milky goodness.

The Petit Gateau ($12) is a chocoholic's delight - think warmed chocolate cake with a mouton chocolate centre and a ball of ice cream with even more chocolate sauce.

Loosen your belt and enjoy the music which is on every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday ((Mon/Tue/ Thur) with a feathery Passionfruit Mousse ($8) topped with bright, acidic fresh passionfruit. We also tried the Chocolate Mousse ($8) because they insisted on bringing everything. Basically, you can't go wrong with dessert here, all the choices were great.

And if you like the odd exotic drink, the Loko Coco in the downstairs fridge is worth buying for a takeaway. In fact all of the things we ate are also available as takeaway in the downstairs part of the restaurant, including the yummy sides. This is a really enjoyable experience of dining differently to the usual Sydney options, presented in a classy way. If you can find ten friends and organise a 'birthday' dinner, you'll be dining for free!

Churras – The Brazilian Barbecue
219 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
Ph: (02) 8084 2151

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