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Review - Essen *UPDATED*

I don't know if you saw me plug the FREE SCHNITZEL night at Essen Restaurant back HERE but it was too good an offer for even me to pass up. Frankly, at the first sign of chill in the air, I’m always ready to declare that schnitzel season is open. The free offer included a drink. I was very happy with the Schofferhofer Grapefruit ($6.50), a light wheat beer with grapefruit juice that was refreshing, and perhaps the best flavoured beer I’ve tried. It would be a fine designated driver beverage at this restaurant where wine is so well priced that you’d be mad not to sink a few. The 2007 Lenz Moser Pinot Gris ($25.50/bottle, $5.50/glass) from Austria is an easy match for the cuisine.

Before I get to the schnitzel, let me just say that the crumbing here is great, so don’t feel piggish to also include a serve of Deep Fried Tim Boon Organic Camembert ($10) served with cranberry sauce. Owner/chef Geert Elzinga has picked an excellent cheese, and I murmur quiet thanks over each golden crumbed wedge.

I was very happy to wrap myself in a Chicken Jaeger Schnitzel ($21) complete with excellent potato roesti and paprika sprinkled cabbage salad.  My dining companion had a Veal Diane Schnitzel ($21). These were FREE on the night we dined!

Even if you’re groaning after the hearty mains, stay for dessert – this is where Geert gets to play. His Trio of Custards with Poppy Seed Sponge ($10) gives you three small pots of light, creamy custard and a wedge of cake to explore them.

Elegance and pleasure abound in his Strawberries in Jelly with Meringue, Mint and Vanilla Sauce ($10). These desserts were on a par with my last visit (see it HERE), but I was even happier to see Geert is constantly developing and changing the menu. Keeping dessert fresh makes visiting for a schnitzel even more fun!

Everything is more fun with schnapps. I tried the Lindenhof Peppermint Schnapps ($5.50) which is 21% and very enjoyable.  My dining companion found the Schwartzwalder Obst Wasser Pear ($5.50) which was 40% a bit harder going - excellent aroma though!

Another really enjoyable experience, which I will return for again before the weather warms.

Essen Restaurant
133-135 Broadway, Ultimo
Ph: (02) 9211 3805

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