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Review - Sweet Infinity


There’s little that beats a great pie in my books, and Leanne Beck’s Lamb and Pea Pie ($6.50) generously filled with beautifully cooked lamb pieces and mushy peas surrounded by a classic pastry crust is a great pie. I tried a couple of boxes of stuff from this bakery, and so there are lots of shots of everything except the pies because good pies are in the eating, not the looking.

Her Steak Pie ($6.50) is slow-cooked to perfection; and the chunky pieces of pork fillet in her Pork Pie ($6.50) are also pleasing to the palate. Sweet treats are plentiful in this little Woolloomooloo bakery which has small amounts of seating both indoors and outdoors. Above is her Carrot Cake with Caramel Icing.

My favourite was a light and milky White Chocolate Mousse ($5) topped with fresh blueberries. I also enjoyed the moist mini-loaf of Orange and Poppy Seed Friand ($3) baked to a golden crust. You can also see her Macaroons and mini Lemon Meringue Pies.

The pastry on her Chocolate Croissant ($2.50) has the requisite shatter when refreshed in a warm oven; her Chocolate Twists ($2.50) are notable for the bitter, ‘grown-up’ chocolate mix. 

Leanne also sells preservative free jams in flavours including Summer Fruits ($9.50) made from lychees, peaches and nectarines; I tried this one, and it was not to my taste. Her jams need to be refrigerated to give them a set texture. You can see a Strawberry Tart in my photo above.

Another thing I enjoyed was her Marshmallow ($2) - they're a sweet treat you don't often see at bakeries. You can also see a Chocolate Brownie and another sweet whose name totally escapes me.

Perhaps the only disappointment across my visits was an underwhelming Pumpkin and Fetta Pie ($6.50) but take into account that these days I prefer meat. I dined around Easter, so I also tried her Hot Cross Buns.

Sweet Infinity
35 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo
Ph: (02) 9331 2448 www.sweetinfinity.com.au

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