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Ox Tail Moussaka

When I was shopping at Vic's Meat I noticed that Ox Tail is very cheap. I am also keen on the idea of nose-to-tail eating, with no waste, because if you're going to eat meat, one should do it responsibly. Ox tail cooks down well on a slow cook - ours was done with red wine (Cabernet Merlot) and cherry tomatoes.

The meat was a two day cooking process. On the next day we made my very first home-made Moussaka. It was all Greek to me, but in the end I made a very credible Bechamel Sauce, and we layered this with char-grilled eggplant, sauteed Desiree potatoes, cheese (three types, including freshly grated Parmesan Reggiano) and the meat mix into a BIG baking dish.

The result was AMAZING! This dish is da bomb, possibly the chef's masterpiece. The char flavour of the eggplant, the rich tomato taste of the ox tail and the creamy bechamel combined beautifully. We froze many portions, and I reheated one the VERY NEXT DAY. I think it's a 10/10! I am now excited about Greek.

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