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Review - Wasabi


At the rate that they’re springing up all over Sydney, I think I’m eventually going to hate slate veneer tiles, but that’s something to look forward to. For now here’s another venue made to feel more substantial and vaguely authentic through their use; the silver metal lights are funky too.

Dine at the sushi train, al carte or choose a set menu for perhaps the best value ‘degustation’ in Sydney. Dinner Course B ($25.50/head) includes ten courses. Ginger fans will appreciate the wasabi and pickled ginger being in containers table side.

Not every course is a winner but the Seaweed Salad ($6.50) is vividly green and tasty.

Fresh Oysters are large but lack liquor.

Edamame (boiled green soybeans) are not quite as salty as I like them, but compelling anyway.

or Japanese Spring Rolls are pleasant if not particularly memorable.

The Hiya Yakko ($5.00) or soft tofu with soy sauce is fairly bland.

Tempura Prawn ($5/2 pieces) are crisp and enjoyable.

A Sushi and Sashimi Combination ($20) is fresh and well presented, if Westernised with crumbed chicken, avocado and mayonnaise nigiri sushi. 

Teppanyaki Beef Tenderloin ($18.50) is tender, though not bursting with flavour; and presented in a cast iron sizzling platter on a wooden base.

Miso Soup ($1.50) is a bit below par.

Orange Segments are nicely cut, and a fitting end to the meal. The restaurant is unlicensed and service flags from a clear language barrier, however dishes come from the kitchen with lightening speed. It’s not the best Japanese in Sydney, but the price is right, and it’s handy if you like shopping at Pyrmont’s SupaIGA just down the road, like I do.

125 Harris Street, Pyrmont
Ph: (02) 9571 5252

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