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Recipe: Rhubarb & Caramelised Apple Bread and Butter Pudding

Winter weather makes me crave desserts, warm baked desserts. Today I decided I would do a twist on the classic bread and butter pudding. First I roasted a bunch of rhubarb cut into 20cm lengths (so they'd run the length of my perspex pan) with a little caster sugar sprinkled on them. I did them at 180C for about 15-17 minutes.

I buttered half a loaf of apricot bread with Harmonie Organic Butter, and laid down the first layer butter side up. The rhubarb was then placed in a row on top. In a separate pan, I caramelised sliced apples with butter, caster sugar and brown sugar. After laying down another layer of bread, the apple slices were spread over the buttery triangles.

My final layer of bread went down, then I poured a mix made from three beaten eggs, 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, two thirds of a tub of crème fraîche, half a tub of thick cream, a handful of shredded coconut, a sprinkle of caster sugar and a splash of milk. It was cooked at 180C for about 40 minutes, with a few minutes under the grill for browning.

Here it is coming out of the oven in the double bath.

The pudding looks great!

It tastes even better than it looks; look at the pretty pink from the sharp rhubarb layer. Eating it is all about contrasts, first sweet then sharp, crunchy then soft and unctuous.

There's plenty left... shame you didn't drop by. However I have a dastardly plan - imagine this sliced as toast and made into French Toast tomorrow morning for breakfast!!
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