MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

Recipe: French Toast with Bacon

Here are the slices of last night's awesome Rhubarb & Caramelised Apple Bread and Butter Pudding which you can see by going here: http://missdissent.livejournal.com/251691.html

I left the remainder whole in the fridge last night, then sliced it up this morning. You can see the layers of rhubarb and apple quite clearly in this shot. I handed the slices to the chef who dipped them in a wash of beaten egg and milk, and then laid them gently in a fry pan slick with melted butter. In a separate pan, he fried some bacon from Feather and Bone (lovely bacon, really to my taste, can't wait to eat more).

Here is the resulting French Toast with Bacon - maple syrup was not needed because of the sweetness of the pudding. This was a scathingly brilliant plan, if I do say so myself. Plus it is environmentally friendly in terms of using up all the pudding - waste of course is also bad for the environment. 

Tags: food, recipes
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