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Breakfast of Champions

Ah I had such a weird week, capped off by a totally off the wall Friday, so this morning I needed the breakfast of champions to even out the lumps. Luckily on Thursday night two rather excellent things had happened. Firstly we went to a free Tequila tasting at Amato's across the road. They were tasting the Patron range (very expensive, but awesome) and we tried a Patron au Cafe which was to die for. We were very naughty and spent our fun money this weekend on a bottle. Real expresso and tequila! It was strong and intense, so what happened later in the evening was even more wonderful...

After the tasting we headed up to Osvaldo Polletti for a repeat visit with one of Craig's work mates. (Another truly wonderful meal, I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough.) We tried another amazing liqueur at the restaurant - Bicerin di Gianduiotto - which is an Italian chocolate hazelnut liqueur. We liked it so much we were fondling the bottle and calling it 'Mummy's Special Chocolate Sauce'. The owner Franco was so amused by our strange antics he gave us the half-full bottle to take home.

So this morning (with a nod to Thomas Keller's Illy Expresso Martinis at Bouchon in Las Vegas) I give you our breakfast Choc-Hazelnut Expresso Martinis. Take one shot of freshly made expresso (we are currently favouring Allpress), one shot of Bicerin di Gianduiotto and two shots of Patron au Cafe and shake over ice. Garnish with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I have had two so far and feel very happy with myself.

To eat we had an organic bacon and organic egg crepe with dill and cheese. I know, I know, I should give the Feather and Bone plugs a rest, but this crepe with organic Melanda Park Bacon and Organic Ways eggs (see that bright orange yolk peeking through) set off with parmesan reggiano and dill was really the bomb. Truly a breakfast of champions.
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