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Review - Fishmongers

I first noticed this store on a wintery evening when all the surrounding restaurants were empty - Fishmongers  was full. It’s a casual and pleasant space to eat with solid, rustic wooden furniture and hip sea-themed iron work decorating the walls. I thought to myself, they must do really great fish and chips.

Now I can report back that they do, but it’s their briny Oysters ($2/each) freshly shucked and gleaming with liquor that I’d return for. They came from the Manning River on the day I dined. You can see them with the shells placed back on top (which shows they shuck to order) in the bottom left hand corner. 

I’d also go back for the Barbecued Baby Octopus ($6) – it’s got a smoky Aussie barbeque flavour, unmatched in my experience. The sauces you can see in the top left hand corner are all made in house too.

Surprisingly satisfying are the Tempura Vegies ($9.50) – imagine a box full of diverse and interesting vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms and corn on the cob, with a little turmeric to enhance the flavour and some sea salt to make them sing!

Check out their specials for interesting grilled options that change daily, like Tandoori Dory ($15) served with lemon and hand-cut skin on Sebago chips. All the fine print is good too - eco-friendly Australian-made cardboard serving boxes and no endangered species on the menu as a company policy.

Winter warming bowls of creamy, dill-rich Seafood Chowder ($14) also available.

42 Hall Street, Bondi Beach
Ph: (02) 9365 2205

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