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Review - Pie Face

This bustling Pie Face city store quickly dispensed an orderly queue of CBD drones, service was kept at a steady clip. It’s not the best pie in Sydney, but there seems to be a level of consistency between stores, and it’s a successful, expanding chain for a reason. There are eighteen stores in Sydney and their eyes are currently set on Melbourne.

To warm your insides go for a Stack ($6.45) - a filling pile of pie, mash and mushy peas drizzled with gravy. While the mash, peas and gravy might not live up to Sydney’s most famous waterside pie-seller, their premium Steak Pie ($4.75) bests their base!

How do I know this for sure? Well this pie reminded me of their pies so of Harry's Cafe de Wheels that we stopped in on our way home for a comparison pie. As I mentioned Harry's won on the toppings, but not on the pie itself.

You’ll never get back to work with the wrong filling either – the gimmicky piped pie faces designate exactly what’s inside. Here I try a Mini Pie ($2.25) in both Thai Chicken Curry and Plain Beef which were nice but nothing to write home about; and a Mini Sausage Roll ($2.25) which I would give a miss.

You’ll be happy to know all pies are baked daily, and the ‘Wake Me Up’ coffee’s not too bad either. I found their strongest offering, a ‘Kick My Arse!!!’ Flat White ($2.70), to be palatable and strong enough to power me back to the office.

I’m a sucker for a pear tart, so the most memorable moment for me was found in a moist, crumbly Pear and Ricotta Pie ($2.85). Is it wrong to have a two pie day? 

Pie Face
Shop 3, 8-12 York Street, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9262 6892

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