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Review - Ripples Sydney Wharf *UPDATED*

After all my whining about breakfast in my last review, I will offer up that one of the first things I did after getting off the plane was go and have a good breakfast. Since my lunch review of Ripples Sydney Wharf I have been dying to go back with the significant other, ideally to try out their breakfast menu. I had a quick peek while I was there, and it had all my favourites, ramped up a notch. So off we ventured and on a blissfully sunny day to boot. Let me just say, their Cinnamon and Raisin Brioche French Toast ($13) with poached rhubarb and crème fraiche could make even a rainy Monday morning look gay.

A platter bearing plump Caramelised Apple and Ricotta Hotcakes ($14.50) with house-smoked hickory bacon, honeycomb butter and maple syrup is a joy to behold and devour. I’ve left savoury for next time.

When your job requires you to dine at different venues each time you go out, it’s actually the ones you choose to revisit that become significant. Who’d blame me for liking this setting, a great niche on Sydney’s picturesque harbour complete with bright orange and red plastic chairs (almost a work of art themselves) and al fresco boardwalk tables? It’s an obvious drawcard, but it’s not what got me back, I came for the food and a nicely made Karmee Coffee, and I would return again.

Ripples Sydney Wharf
Between Wharfs 9 & 10, 56 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont (Opposite Star City Casino)
Ph: (02) 9571 1999

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Aug. 29th, 2009 02:07 pm (UTC)
Something I've never understood is bacon with pancakes. WRONG.

Was the maple syrup out of a bottle or made in-house? God I love the good stuff.
Aug. 29th, 2009 04:04 pm (UTC)
Well maple syrup is just made from maple, and I don't think we grow them here, so basically all maple syrup here is imported. The best ones are 100% maple syrup, no additives (like sweetener), so that's the differences you can taste. I buy Queen or Camp usually, they're both good. So I guess the idea of someone 'making it in house' is not really a good one, as it means they might be mixing other nasties in.

Bacon and pancakes is an Americanism, but it really works. It is there to balance the palate between sweet and savoury, and with the right kind of bacon (think like sweetish, honey smoked ham and transcribe that to a similar bacon) the woody nature of maple syrup really works. Apple in the pancakes really helps too, or a piece or two of caramelised apple. The trio of maple, bacon and apple is a real win, and pancakes just give it a platform.

They would have been making the honeycomb butter, and that was also a big win.
Aug. 29th, 2009 08:35 pm (UTC)
That place sounds dreamy :)

Here in Brazil, we don't (often, there are a few exceptions) have breakfast service. Susie lived two years in Chicago, and this is one of the things she misses. Made me think about your comment on the last post about a Chilean chef trying to get it right, a Brazilian chef would also most likely fail horribly, even a great one, because, people are just not used to opening for breakfast here. Even when we stayed at a 5star hotel in Rio in our honeymoon, breakfast was nothing more than a table of hams and cheeses, some pouched eggs, fruits and juices, breads, butter and coffee bottles all around. I'd be pretty happy to find any place I could pay for some simple serving of waffles with honey.

Being a food photographer, I don't eat before, during or after a shoot. To be honest, I don't think it would be very professional, to have a free ride just because I'm shooting. So, you know I really liked the place when I come back to try to sit down as a normal client and eat there paying :)
Aug. 30th, 2009 12:48 am (UTC)
That sort of thing you experienced in Rio would in essence explain how a chef might not do breakfast very well. If I were the resort, I would send him for a weekend of training with a good breakfast chef.

As for the free meals, well if they're not buying your integrity, I think they're just a chance to try new things. But yes, if you really like a restaurant one of the best ways you can show that is to go back as a paying customer, and it is something you should look out for in my reviews here. If I update it, I have gone back. That said, I am very busy most weeks reviewing, so sometimes I neglect to go back even though in theory I would, just because I am time poor.
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