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Review - Martine's Cafe & Restaurant

Now I know I have cried 'real food' in the Taree area once before (see review of YNot HERE)... but it turns out they went bust and did a runner. So it is with a certain sense of trepidation that I introduce you to Martine’s Cafe & Restaurant, though I suspect this one will be around for a while. Chef Martine Mungoven has brought a little bit of Mauritius to an unlikely regional location in tiny Old Bar.

Excellent Wallis Lake oysters were pleasantly left to speak for themselves (au natural). Martine is adept at wine and food pairing. Our Dune Sparking ($21/bottle) was a gently fizzy and utterly pleasurable drop, complementing prawns and oysters well.

Martine’s skill in the kitchen is highlighted by her deft handling of scallops, served up uniquely with a turmeric mayonnaise.

The moment you walk in the door you’ll smell the heady aroma of her tasty curries. This is the beef curry.

This one is the prawn and chicken curry. They’re of course the signature items on the tight little menu, but there are also plenty of modern Australian favourites there too. With those I enjoyed a Yendah Pinot Grigio ($23.50/bottle) from the Riverina region of NSW. Wine is well-priced as you can see.

Here's the 'Fish of the Day' Kingfish which was served up with a creamy lemon sauce that set off the fish wonderfully. It came perfectly cooked and topped with prawns and crumbed calamari (which was also perfectly cooked - not chewy in the slightest).

Reservations are recommended, the buzzing space was full of locals on the night I dined, all keen for a taste of the exotic. Staff also impress with genuine warm and friendliness.  A definite regional Australian gem, well worth checking out if you're driving north.

Martine’s Cafe & Restaurant
47 Old Bar Rd, Old Bar
Ph: (02) 6553 3188

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