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Review - Moo Gourmet Burgers

Finally a burger place that takes as its start old-fashioned burgers and makes them better!


The only thing ‘posh’ about the signature Black and White Burger ($13.50) is the beef – 100% Certified Australian Black Angus – and with only lettuce, tomato, a free-range egg, mozzarella, tomato relish and home-made mayonnaise on the bun, by golly you can taste it too! The photos are all of happy burger eaters who were willing to attest to their pleasure!

There are a couple more ‘gourmet’ options like the Duck and Bacon Burger ($16.50) which thankfully avoids the ‘too many toppings’ trap, complementing the lovely duck and pork patty with excellent Beechwood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and orange chutney. The warm sourdough buns come courtesy of a local baker and have the perfect blend of softness and chew.

Owner Adam Gerondis did have a pretty good inspiration for his beachside burger bar – his grandfather opened Australia’s first milk bar back in 1932, The Black and White 4d Milk Bar. Time warp forward seventy odd years and you’ll still find old-fashioned shakes including the Milo Moo ($6.50), served up small enough to leave room for a well-priced Moo Pinot Noir ($5/glass, $20/bottle). The Mornington Pennisula offering is full of dark berries that go down a treat with red meat.

They’ve even perfected Hot Chips ($5.00) – elegantly wrapped, racked and salted.

Moo Gourmet Burgers
70a Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach
Ph: (02) 9300 8898

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