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Norwegian Weirdness & Portuguese Prawns

Norwegian Weirdness

Last night we went to see The Hospital at The Playhouse. I will use the best quote from another patron to summarize it - "expensive, foreign weirdness".

  • I thought it was an interesting choice to be a Norwegian choreographer and choose to cast actresses not dancers.
  • I thought it was a strange choice to use nonsense language - and to think that nonsense language is a category that needs exploration through theatre or dance.
  • I learned that real ballet dancers can't act, and frankly, actresses dance like graceless clowns.
  • I liked two scenes - a drug taking scene where the nurse's knees kept involuntarily parting, until she laterally decided to bandage them together (pure genius I thought); and a scene mimicing the random lifts and angst between three star-crossed lovers, so often portrayed in dance extravaganzas (tortured tales of ill-fated love).
I would not recommend it, unless perversity gets you. Or you like to mock dancers. Or actors. Or Norwegians. Or if you are Norwegian and just seeing people from your country makes you feel good. Or if you have a sexual fetish for Norwegians.

I noted that the Ambassador for Norway was unable to comment positively about the content of the act, only that they were Norwegian. This worried me, as isn't it their job to be positive about all things Norway?

Portuguese Prawns

Oh yeah, in budget dining news, we ate dinner the other night at Little Portugal in Dulwich Hill. I was well impressed. We had a $14 plate of BBQ King Prawns, 2 mains (one pork and pipis; the other steak) that were too much to eat, bread and 2 ice teas plus corkage and a Portuguese Tart, and it came to $65 for the lot. I would argue that it was better than the one that freeq and I went to in Petersham. It was certainly cheaper, and the sauce on the plate of 10 large prawns was to die for.
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