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Review - Din Tai Fung

Dumplings are about precision; perhaps that’s why an international chain does ‘em best.

First thing each day temperature and humidity readings are taken to calculate the perfect dough formula.

Each masked, white-clad, member of the dumpling chain gang uses gold scales (accurate to 0.01) to ensure uniformity... and while I was in the kitchen a whole lot of measuring took place.

Inexperienced staff compare their rolled out dough to plastic guides, and the pleater needs to put a minimum of eighteen pinched folds on to close each dumpling.

Daily staff tastings happen with enough time to correct the dough. The vegetarian dumpling mix caught my eye with lovely diced shitake mushrooms, they're pleated in a different way.

Dumplings are made to order (no circulating trolleys), the silky pleated perfection of the Crab Meat, Roe & Pork Dumplings ($15.80/6 pieces) shows why; the signature Pork Dumplings ($8.80/6 pieces) are damned fine too.

Avoid dumpling overload with a Vegetarian Delight ($3.80) dried tofu, seaweed and glass noodles in sesame.

I'd throw in a refreshing Lychee and Mint Juice ($6.00) too; it managed to be very minty without losing the lychees.

Move on to excellent Pork and Prawn Wontons in Spicy Sauce ($8.80/6 pieces).

You can try a Pork Bun ($2.80) if you save room for an even better dessert...

... a Steamed Black Sesame Bun ($2.80).

Deep fried only gets a menu look-in with...

...divine Golden Red Bean Bread ($5.80/2 pieces).

You will appreciate the sparkling clean, non-intimidating surrounds;

...the nicely lacquered picture menus; attentive, impeccably dressed staff...

...and the concise guide to dipping, stabbing, slurping and swallowing your way to dumpling heaven (if you're a novice).

There's even a two hour parking voucher on offer for the carpark under the restaurant when you dine on week nights or weekends if you make a fifty dollar spend on the table. Oh and if you have problems with dumplings sticking at home, apparently white muslin is the best solution.

Din Tai Fung
Level 1, World Square Shopping Centre, 644 George Street, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9264 6010

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