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Review - Bar Biaggio

Architect designed and environmentally friendly all the way down to the recycled forest floor fibre menus, the only thing prettier than this space is the view - so dine outside.

Everything from a Sourdough Baguette with Tuna, Wild Rocket, Cucumber and Basil ($12.90) to...

...a more substantial Salt and Pepper Hawkesbury Calamari with Lemon Cheeks and Aioli ($14.90) comes balanced by a simple rocket salad. The produce is stunning; the Vittoria coffee is well-made; the food’s underpriced, and the only people who seem to know about it work in the building!

I was pleased to see sommelier Nick Caraturo include some Mudgee-grown Di Lusso wines on his list after the untimely closure of Glebe’s Cucina Di Lusso. Our handsome waiter prefers the Sicilian offerings. When I suggest they’re a shade dark and deadly like the men of Sicily, he is quick to reply: “I’m from Tuscany. I’m Chianti, Sangiovese...

The Italian words roll off his tongue so beautifully I consider a second well-made coffee while he recites the whole list. I’m distracted by a delicious house-made Lemon Tart ($4.50) and a Pistachio Cannolo ($3.50).

After asking which I prefer (the tart), our waiter nods sagely, citing the problem as the sweet mascarpone filling (traditionally ricotta). Staff like him will keep standards soaring.

Bar Biaggio

Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf, 48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont
Ph: (02) 8571 0606

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Tags: food, wine
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