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Review - Fujiyama

One of the first things I seek out after changing suburbs is a local sushi place – I’m a sucker for a raw fish fix at least once a week. This tiny restaurant has been my local for the past three years, and I am pleased to say their quality has improved during this time. I’ve not had a tastier tempura than their King Prawn Tempura ($9.00/5 pieces) – I put it down to the quality of their prawns rather than anything extra in the light, crunchy batter.

A Salmon Sashimi ($8.00/5 pieces) stands you in good stead; though of late it’s all been about the tuna. A Large Sashimi Box ($22) is a lovely lunch – no exotics, just Kingfish, Salmon and deep red, super-fresh Tuna. As the sun sinks lower in the sky, this tiny restaurant ramps up, so expect a short wait for a table. Well-intentioned Japanese staff always try to do their best; apologising profusely if they spy you waiting for something.

My dining companion and I (confirmed sushi fans) struggled to finish a nicely presented Family Sushi Boat ($35) of California rolls, prawn, inari (tofu), kingfish, crab, tuna and salmon nigirizushi (hand-formed sushi) with our BYO before walking home – the joy of eating local!

Edit - This venue has moved a few doors down the road toward the City West Link into a bigger premises.

161 Norton St, Leichhardt
Ph: (02) 9518 1918

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