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Review - Tiger Mottle

Let’s face it, our bro’s across the ditch do cafe culture better than we do - I reckon Wellington’s the bomb! Pete Henderson’s from Christchurch with a background in Allpress Coffee. His chef’s from Auckland. Together they manage to make both the coffee I want to drink and the food I want to eat, in a place I want to linger.

You can smell the beautifully made The Golden Cobra coffee half a block away. It’s so good I manage to down a South American ($3) with a dollop of sweetened, condensed milk;

a Maple Mottle ($3) with maple, chilli and cream;

and an awesome coffee Mottle Shake ($6.50). That’s all before I discover they do Spearmint Milkshakes ($5)! Who knew milk could be so minty and refreshing? The syrup’s a NZ import, as are the cans of L&P ($2.50).

You may be sceptical, but I’m telling you it made a heavenly companion to my new benchmark Mushrooms on Toast ($12.50) - a stellar dish with good quality produce and a great balsamic reduction.

Billy’s unique Bubble and Squeak ($14.50) was eagerly consumed with the voice of Brian Eno washing through the light, airy terrace. Yep it’s cool Kiwi cafe culture of an international standard! (I love the quirky wooden kit deer head too!)

They also have a specials board which will almost always have a omelette, a salad and a pancake option. Unless the chef gets it in his head to make STUFFED FRENCH TOAST (I know, my mind boggled too... stuffed with mango apparently and served up with a raspberry coulis) . I dined with a non-chocolate eater so I had to forgo the Chocolate Pancakes with Poached Peaches and Ricotta ($14) as we were sharing... but I plan to make a (covert) trip back to get my new Spearmint Milkshake obsession scratched so perhaps pancakes are in my future too.

Tiger Mottle
248 Glenmore Road, Paddington
Ph: (0401) 225 269
Tags: food
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