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Baia San Marco & Melbourne Cup Day

Courtesy of the fine folk at Mediatree, I went with my SO to my very first Melbourne Cup lunch at Baia San Marco where many frozen margaritas were consumed, and our nominated pony Pop Rock did a good job. The ambience was lovely, as there was a carnival atmosphere to the whole Cockle Bay precinct. I was particularly impressed with the fashion sluts on parade, photographer and street performers who roved through all of the restaurants. You can even download your photo for free from http://www.cocklebaywharf.com/

Unfortunately I was not so impressed with the food. The beef carpaccio was bland and a chore to eat, buried under a mound of bitter rocket. We had to add salt, pepper, balsamic and extra oil just to get through it.

Things improved a bit with the pizza which had proscuitto, ham and mushrooms on a thin base. The grilled seafood plate was a bit average, and the garlic pizza was awful - dry and rusk-like.

Prices would be okay for the area, but when you consider the standard of food, they were too high. Service was at times challenged, though friendly. The wine list seemed to mainly be in the $30-50 range, and cocktails were $14. We did enjoy our frozen margaritas, but because of the food, I would not return to this restaurant.

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