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Review - Menya Noodle Bar

Circular Quay is the lucky recipient of the third branch of this successful Japanese noodle bar chain with existing stores in Market and Quay Streets. Venture downstairs to a wooden beamed underground lair, full to the brim with CBD workers at lunch time, but pleasantly undiscovered in the early evenings between six and nine.

Ramen noodles are the lure, so order a bowl of their best, the Dragon Ramen ($11.90) topped with chilli pork mince and flavoured with shoyu, miso or natural salt. One wooden ladle full of broth and you’ll be hooked on their delightful, well-reduced stock; rich with aged soy sauce and chicken.

A bowl of Cha-shu Lover’s Ramen ($14.90) also impresses, this time with greater subtlety and lovely roast pork. Pick from a list of additional toppings including Dried Seaweed ($0.50), Chilli Shallots ($2.50/50g) and Seasoned Egg ($2/2 pieces).

Or add sides like King Fish Sashimi ($19.90/12 piece), a fresh, tasty dish that lacks a little in presentation.

Service is polite and efficient; those mentioning Sydney Opera House theatre commitments are served with lightening speed – we barely had time to down some Edamame ($5) with our BYO (it's licensed too) before our meal arrived. A chorus of staff bid you farewell as you climb out, sated, into the cool night air.

Menya Noodle Bar
20 Loftus Street, Circular Quay
Ph: (02) 9251 8280  Menya - Circular Quay on Urbanspoon
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