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Review - Neptune Palace

It seems pitiful that in its seventeen year operating history, I haven’t managed to discover this tucked-away Circular Quay gem - but at least I finally found it in the year of the metallic tiger.

Bibbed up, I curse myself with every bite of the magnificent Braised King Crab with Singapore Chilli Sauce (market price $78/kilo); it’s beautifully cooked and the lip-tingling sauce allows the sweet, succulent taste of crab to shine.

Add to my woes Director Derek Lim’s top notch comprehensive wine list – so much to drink, so little time. I settle for a stunning 2006 Johanneshof Gewürztraminer ($68) which complements my whole meal beautifully. I am very excited about Gewürztraminer at the moment... my column this week gives you a few other choice New Zealand ones to try: HERE.

Thankfully they avoid the usual two cuisine trap. The Chinese dishes are great but please take into account, all my photos are of half serves. I tried well-cooked Salt and Pepper Prawns ($31.80);

and the superbly tender Diced Fillet Steak with Wasabi Sauce ($29.80).

Their Malay offerings are even better - I could eat the creamy coconut Penang Kapitan Chicken ($22.80) for days,

and the Daging Rendang ($22.80) is dry and intense.

Now we all know how good Malay desserts are; so I indulged in both the lurid green Pandan Crepe ($7.80) and

the more grown-up Sago Pudding ($7.80) drizzled with coconut milk and palm sugar before walking it off by the glistening harbour.

As to service, my fortune cookie summed it up nicely: ‘You are in good hands this evening.

Neptune Palace
Level 1 Gateway Building, Corner of Pitt and Alfred Streets, Circular Quay
Ph: (02) 9241 3338

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