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Review - Sushi Club

The sushi and sashimi at this tiny hole-in-the-wall are the freshest in town, particularly when you consider the price point. They use their Pyrmont location to great advantage, attending the fish market’s auction every single day to get the freshest possible seafood at the best possible price.

Head Chef Daein Kim’s fish to rice ratio is excellent. It’s particularly generous in Carol’s Special ($9) of salmon wrapped sushi with flying fish roe, mayo and Tonkatsu sauce. It was named for a lady in her mid 60s who has been a customer since they opened ten years ago.

The nicely presented Harbour Bridge ($38.50) is a perfect sharing selection of sushi and sashimi; bested by the tastiest King Fish in town on the day I dined, though salmon and avocado topped inside-out California rolls were also stars.

So taken was I with this dish dine-in, I had it take-out the next day. The super-fresh King Fish stood out again, but this time there was also extraordinary tako (octopus).

If you’re after hot food, the Karage Chicken ($6) is tasty and compelling fried chook.

The Tempura Udon ($12.90) arrives topped with a tempura prawn delicately floating on nori (seaweed) over silky noodles and micro seafood including tender baby octopuses. This is a small serve, as we had already eaten a vast amount of food!

I must admit that this sushi and sashimi was so good, I have now switched alliances, and go here in preference to the closer Norton Street Japanese. Bad for global warming I suppose, adding extra kilometers, but so good in taste it's hard to argue!

Sushi Club

313 Harris Street, Pyrmont
Ph: (02) 9692 8280

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