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Review - Doughboy Petersham

With the neighbouring chicken shop’s Friday night queue winding down the street, the Doughboy crew might’ve picked a tough spot.

I suspect though the lure of their Carbonara ($15.00/M, $20.50/L, $24.50/XL) will pull a few off the chook parade – Sydneysiders ARE adverse to queuing. And who knew that a thyme and garlic crème sauce could work so well on a pizza decked with peas, double smoked ham off the bone, mushrooms, Parmesan and parsley? Trust me – it’s good.

This space is also their group food production site; behind a clear wall you can see Turkish red peppers, Spanish caper berries, Italian artichokes and fresh pineapples.

This bodes well for their version of the perennial ham and pineapple fav. – Gilligan’s Island ($15/M, $20.5/L, $24.5/XL). A dab less tomato sauce and it’d be perfect.

Super-thin bases make for a lighter pizza experience – all the more room for excellent pizza-style Bruschetta ($7.50) with fresh tomato, shredded bocconcini, pesto and fresh basil.

Standout tunes and a modern fit-out make dining in an option – sit at the communal table, or check out the street-scape.

Don’t skip the greens – a Shabbit ($8.50) of mixed leaves, tomato, bocconcini and pesto proves to be a better salad than you’d expect from a pizza shop.

We wrapped up the meal with a taste of the Chilli Prawn ($17/M, $23/L, $26.50/XL) and the Potato Head ($15/M, $20.5/L, $24.5/XL) which both won fans. I (rather surprisingly because I am usually against prawns on pizza) liked the former - marinating the chunks of prawns keeps them moist, answering my usual complaint. My dining companion was all about the potato. He is Polish after all.

Doughboy Petersham
88-94 New Canterbury Road, Petersham
Ph: (02) 9550 9988

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