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Review - Bitton Café & Grocer

Whenever I’m in a five star hotel, I order a club sandwich – it’s my yardstick. The Club Sandwich ($16.90) here gives those hotels a run for their money, even on a ballistic Sunday. The light and airy gourmet food store meets green grocer meets cafe is vibrant and buzzing with every table full, and a queue on the street. Luckily the black-clad battalion of staff are both friendly and efficient. Both our coffees and food land very quickly.

Expect smallish portions in some dishes. French Crepes with Strawberry and Vanilla Jam ($10.90) consist of four carefully folded crepes with a shot of their delicious jam.

The skillet of One-Pan Bacon and Egg ($15.20) had my partner pinching bites of my sanga. Only fair I suppose, since I stole his great accompanying wood-fired bread!

French Toast à la Bitton with Fresh Fruit and Orange Jelly ($13.50) impressed by avoiding an overly-gooey centre. The banana was nicely ripe, so I ordered a Banana Smoothie ($5.00) too.

The space was teeming with children, but strangely it also worked for adults without them. As I stood to pay for my meal (and products from their excellent range) I noticed Owner David Bitton expediting coffees – perhaps that’s why I enjoyed my smooth, strong Grinders Latte ($3.40 + $0.50) so much. There might have also been a nice Iced Coffee ($5.00) in the mix too...

Bitton Café & Grocer
36-37a Copeland Street, Alexandria
Ph: (02) 9519 5111

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