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Borrowed dirty words...

Feasting on Flesh hasn't been selling well, so I borrowed a few of the more lacivious of your words dear therasca1queen and grushenkadoll and master_flea to make a post to the various lists, as they made me smile, and they were better than any I could come up with. Naming no names. Hopefully they will owe you and have to fuck you.

If you happen to have a spare night between now and Saturday, and you like perverse theatre, I highly recommend FEASTING ON FLESH, which we went to last Friday as part of a Hellfire Skool Excursion.

The cast is a veritable stew of sex... and the menu was a 90 minute degustation of sinfully erotic pleasures of the flesh. More nudity than I have ever seen at The Sydney Opera House, that's for sure...

I was especially chuffed to get steamy nudity from Sista She gal, Candy Bowers. She was seriously hot, and I would share my ice-cream with her any time. I liked her rapping too!

Mark Winmill, fresh from performing at VICE's opening night as a saucy sailor, showed us how he got his muscles, in a aerial hoop routine from a horizontal hoop, which was something new for me.

Acrobat Tom Flanagan was an audience favourite, with his cheeky nudie acrobatic runs. I particularly liked his cocktail routines... 50% Tom Cruise, and 50% Eddie Perfect (who he reminded me off immensely)!

I even liked Billie Brown, as a lacivious ringmaster cum dirty old man... especially as he arranged the other performers for his viewing pleasure... 'here is something I prepared earlier' made me smile.

But the performer that blew me away was the musician and singer Gotye. In fact, he stole the show, with a face of choir boy, a voice held my attention over the nudity and neo-burlesque acts, and his amazing ability to sing, play drums, piano, ukelele & still be a player in the show's visual feasts. In fact, if you like Radiohead's Amnesiac, just buy his CD... it's amazing, and would work wonderfully with BDSM play: http://www.sanity.com.au/product/dance.asp?sku=-969067

Being naughty, and not naming names, I trolled around for some comments from Hellfire Skoolies:

"Party in my pants after Feasting on Flesh....... GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"was great, sexy and erotic and messy.  A combination of food, and an undeniably gorgeous cast oozing sex and sensuality."

"Feasting on Flesh - Oh My God... I think I might be almost bisexual again..."

"Candy Bowers is sex on two amazingly sexy muscular curved legs.  Her performance during the "Fig" vignette left me somewhat damp"

Remaining shows:
Tuesday 14 - Saturday 18 November at 7.30pm
Sat 18 November at 11pm

Price: Adult $35. *Concession $25

Book: http://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/sections/whats_on/boxoffice/event_details.asp?EventID=1901&sm=1&ss=1
or call: (02) 9250 7777
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