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Review - Nielsen Park Kiosk Cafe *UPDATED*

With the glistening winter sun reflecting on a harbour full of sailors trimming frantically to account for an unpredictable breeze, it’s a good time to mosey on down for Sunday brunch. Parking’s abundant and the crowd’s relaxed and ninety-five percent local - very few tourists find this picturesque spot.

Perhaps as a result, the portions are exceedingly generous and the cooking unpretentious. The Bacon Chorizo, Portobello Mushroom and Scrambled Eggs on Turkish Toast ($19.25) wins with stellar produce, well handled. Smoky bacon is a particular standout; and the eggs are light, golden and fluffy. It’ll feed you for both breakfast and lunch - but it’d want to for the price.

Noting that the net is down for winter, I smile to see a trio of Shark Beach Burgers. The Angus Beef Burger ($18.15) has the perfect ratio of beef to tomato to onion to bun, tarted up by a good beetroot relish.

Drink a pleasing 2008 Thorn Clark Chardonnay ($8.50/glass) or a robust Flat White ($3.50);

...then finish with five flavours of Home-made Ice Cream ($9.50) (unremarkable bar for the lime sorbet and the malty chocolate ice-cream);

...or a Passionfruit Tart ($9.50) with good curd but an uninspiring shell.

Boating failures, winter bridal fashions and avian antics keep conversation flowing. My last visit was ten months and one chef ago, you can read about it HERE.

Nielsen Park Kiosk Café
Nielsen Park, Greycliffe Avenue, Vaucluse
Ph: (02) 9337 7333 www.nieslenpark.com.au

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