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Review - Oscar's

Oscar's Review (Pyrmont)

We popped in for the Lobster and Champagne special ($24.90) and arrived just in time for a half price cocktail happy hour, (between 6pm and 7pm Thursdays). The cocktails were around the $13 mark and they would have been good at that price. We were particularly impressed with one called an apple pie ($13) which had apple schnapps, cinnamon infused vodka and vanilla syrup, and it really did taste like apple pie. I also enjoyed the Apple Sour and the Lychee Martini but I was less impressed with the Miami Lychee which used frozen blackberries. They just didn't have the punch of fresh ones which I acknowledge are not in season yet but still, maybe it shouldn't be always on the menu.

What impressed me the most was the range of interesting cocktails that were included in the half price happy hour pricing - about 20! They also have Level cocktails based on more glamourous vodka ($16) which included many exciting ingredients like spiced pear, chilli and pomegranate syrup... they weren't included in the special but, me thinks that we will be back to try them. Our prompt return will also be due to the bartenders being personable, quick and generous on the pours even in happy hour.

As for the food - the champagne was totally drinkable and the lobster came in two varieties, Garlic Butter, and Mornay. We tried one of each and the garlic butter won out by being understated in the garlic department so as to prevent it from overpowering the lobster. Both types came with rather excellent steak cut chips and a salad with a balsamic dressing. The salad even had explosively flavoursome cherry tomatoes and two types of olives. Curious about one of their sides, we tried the Potatoes Boulangere ($6) which turned out to be rather special. Think small slices of potato fried in speck and you'll be close to grasping how deliciously tasty these were. We watched some of their ribs ($17) walk past and let me tell you, we're coming back for the $12 rib night one Monday. The steak we saw also was a temptingly large hunk of well cooked meat.

In terms of ambience, the double happy hours make this attract a post work crowd on their way home but it was still pleasant to sit on their large ottomans, and they even allow smoking inside for those that way inclined. I liked the green lit wall and the chocolate wood combination. Service was warm, efficient and you didn't have to look for them! All in all, a great experience and great value for money - 4 cocktails, 2 glasses of Champagne, 2 lobster dinners and 1 side for $80.
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