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Review - Alekev's

I found my way to this newly opened Pyrmont cafe after receiving a letter from a local resident. She asked me to review it because she very much wants it to stay around. It was hard to resist such a lovely plea!

A plate of golden Prawn Cutlets ($11.90) is a nice way to start; they arrive slightly translucent, and taste all the better for it!

A colourful and generous bowl of Red Cabbage, Pear, Avocado and Grilled Chicken Salad ($14.90) would make a satisfying lunch, unless of course you’re starving!

If you are, there’s a good selection of mostly Italian items, including a bright bowl of Penne Puttanesca ($15) with a satisfying amount of chilli in with the garlic, sun-dried tomato, parsley and cream sauce.

The proximity of the Sydney Fish Market means there’s a good selection of reasonably priced seafood on the menu too; like a Prawn Risotto ($17) also done with a creamy tomato base. They’re licensed, so you can accompany your food with an affordably priced wine, like the easy-drinking Bay of Stones Chardonnay ($6/glass, $19/bottle). Oh and if you’re wondering about the unusual name, it’s an amalgamation of the names of the owner’s two sons!


Shop 3, 233 Harris Street, Pyrmont
Ph: (02) 9566 4849

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Tags: food, wine
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