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The 2006 Australian Dance Awards

Just back from the 2006 Australian Dance Awards at the Opera House. Was quite a good night, saw some innovative things that I quite enjoyed.

If you like raunchy, look out for Reed Luplau from the Sydney Dance Company in Grand, which is all about the dancer's relationship to the piano that accompanies their every practice. He performed it in a sexy skirtlet, and the music accompanying it was amazing - the pianist played the whole instrument, including the strings in a piece of music by John Cage (who did Four Minutes and Thirty Three Seconds)!

If you prefer classics, I would go and see Raymonda by The Australian Ballet. We got to watch a Pas De Deux with Robert Curran and Lisa Bolte. It was very reminiscent of Torvil and Dean where he used her somewhat like a cape. Lisa is an amazing dancer, she landed like a feather every time, and her arms were beautiful, I'd probably be tempted to see anything she had a lead in. In a funny bit of programming, an earlier piece by Shaun Parker called Blue Love poked fun at the pas de deux by doing it with the girl playing dead - her arms kept flopping off, and the lifts made it like the dance of a mortician and his victim. So it there was a wry bit of humour in me when watching the serious piece!

The group I liked the best combined dance film and experimental dance, in striped tights, choreographed by Anton in a piece called Form. Cute raggamuffiny dancers, including one of a very healthy size made it a fun piece, and the shifts in perspective in the film made it interesting, as they danced in front of it. It made me wish the floor of the Opera Theatre was black and glassy, so the real dancers could play on reflection like those in the film did.

Lastly I enjoyed the opening number by Beats Per Minute - it was very 'Brent Street' in the energy department, and it was the first time I have seen tap dancers work with live musicians and a singer on stage. The creator, Nathan Sheen, also danced in the piece and was the standout performer by a long way.

Was reacquainetd with a nice man, who remembered complimenting my dress last year, and came up to say hello again. All in all a good night, except for my glass of Chandon, which sucked... frothy, acidic and nasty tasting.
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