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The Great Asian Long Table

Today I was lucky enough to be invited by the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore MP, no less, to The Great Asian Long Table. It was a special Asian banquet luncheon with food from the neighbouring Zilver Restaurant in honour of the new Food Lovers Guide to Chinatown and Haymarket. The hard work of deciding where to eat in Chinatown will now be a piece of cake, thanks to my friend Helen Yee, normally found at my favourite food blog, Grab Your Fork. I spoke with Helen while we chowed down on Peking Duck Canapes and she told me it was lucky that she works in Haymarket during the day, because she had an awful lot of restaurants to visit during her lunch breaks!

Did you know that Chinatown houses a whopping 300 eating establishments with cuisines ranging from Korean to Indonesian to Malay, Thai and Vietnamese as well as the food of many of the Chinese provinces? I pondered this as I drank a 2008 De Bortoli Yarra Valley Sauvignon and struggled to eat a Tasmanian Lobster Veloute with chopsticks. Those pasta shells were slippery little bugg...

It might not look like much due to my poor lighting flash photography, but this is Slow-Cooked Free-Range Whole Suckling Pig. Across the table - which was a veritable who's who of food industry glitterati including the god-mother of Australian food, Margaret Fulton - Stewart White, president of the Australian Association of Food Professionals was heard to ask: "Where's the rest of it?" I wondered the same, but relished the crackly pieces of crisp, piggy joy all the same. I'm guessing there will be some great specials involving pig flesh at Zilver tonight!

There were speeches galore from all manner of important people, including the Hon Jodi McKay MP and NSW Minister for Tourism, who had to rush back to her Newcastle electorate right after her speech! I enjoyed the 'cash for comment' De Bortoli plug from Master of Ceremonies Glenn Wheeler, Radio 2GB as I ate Tender Pepper and Honey Beef Sirloin. Funny man with a great voice and a very engaging speaking style... if I could just bring myself to listen to that station...

After a tiny Buttermilk Crepe with Mango and a rather chunky creme anglaise, it was off into Chinatown once more, guide firmly in hand.

The campaign is called Asia On Your Doorstep and it's worth a gander! So check it out online and keep your eyes peeled for the useful pocket guide when you're wandering the streets of our very own Chinatown. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded of how much we have right at our fingertips... and the book comes with coupons to make your exploration affordable too!
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