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Review - Ithaka Kafeneion

Spanakopita ($6.90) – and probably the best one I’ve tried...

...joins Rendang, Shanghai Soup Dumplings; Pad Thai and what I’m told will be an Argentinian wine bar in the très cosmopolitan Llankelly Place.

My rustic slice of spinach pie is light and airy with golden, crunchy filo, thanks to owner Evyenia Mothoneos’ aversion to microwaves.

Her gleaming, steam-lined space with outdoor tables in the sometimes-windy foodie haven offers up a range of vegetarian delights plus coffees and sweets.

Kolokithopita ($6.90) is a slightly more dense pie involving zucchini and Greek feta.

Since this is largely healthy food, it’s pretty easy to justify a foray into the sweeter side of things with selections from Bouyatsa (custard and filo), Rizogalo ($4.90) rice pudding and Amigthalota ($2.90) – tasty almond macarons with crisp exteriors and chewy centres.  Baklava ($5.50) comes in the form of a cigar to cleverly deliver nuts and pastry in equal measure.

Complete your cultural journey with a pulverised Greek Coffee ($4.50) poured from a traditional briki. If you’re new to this style of coffee, say yes to sugar (it’s fairly robust) and leave the muddy silt in the bottom of your cup. As an alternative, a Greek Frappe ($5) is icy and refreshing – just the ticket on a hot day.

Ithaka Kafeneion
Shop 13, The Village Centre, 24-30 Springfield Avenue, Potts Point
Ph: (02) 8065 5209

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