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This Week's Column - W(h)ining & Dining

Published in the City Hub and City News.

First the Whining...

No, I’m not going to complain about gimmicky ideas designed to make us spend more money on our (already) pampered fur-kids. Instead I’m going to tell you that while you’re buying your own cupcakes at Surry Hill’s Sparkle Cupcakery, you can also make Fido very happy with his own bag of ‘Pupcakes’. So you don’t get your cakes mixed with his, he gets his own bag sealed with a special For Your Pooch Only sticker. You can also pat yourself on the head and call yourself a Good Mummy because Pupcakes are made from dog-friendly ingredients like grated apple, apple juice and honey with a ground meaty dog treat topping and a carob bone decoration! Whatever happened to visiting the butcher?

More Wining...
La Scala on Jersey have a swigging September in store! So if you like a bit of wining while you’re dining, head in for a five-course wine dinner of Darren Simpson’s pared-back, Modern Italian cuisine matched to world wines for $120/head on any night you fancy. Before you pick up the phone, if you’re a Shiraz fan, you might prefer to pencil in Wednesday 15th September because the folk from Coriole in McLaren Vale are visiting. Northern Italy is an expensive place to travel, so if you’re still saving the coffers, let Sommelier David Walters take you on a tasting tour of Venezia, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna on the 29th September. If you’re more a barfly than a diner, perch yourself at the cocktail bar for a three-carafe special complete with matched antipasti for $65/couple. Now if there’s anything I like more than a wine, it’s three wines, so I might check this one out myself!

Deconstructed Dining
October’s shaping up to be the biggest month for foodie’s that Australia’s ever seen with so many international food heroes flying in for the Sydney International Food Festival. One import that’s got my heart pumping is Wiley Dufresne from WD-50, currently ranked forty-fifth on the 2010 S. Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurant List. His deconstructed Eggs Benedict ain’t going to fly with everyone though, so choose your dining companions carefully if you plan on checking out his culinary wizardry at Bentley Restaurant and Bar from 10th-13th October. He’ll be cooking with dessert king Alex Stupak (ex-Alinea) who has beaten Iron Chef Cat Cora on Iron Chef America! With all that talent plus matching wines from Nick Hildebrandt, the big $350/head price will deliver one hell of a futuristic foodie experience… Book now, places will fill fast!

Tarted-Up Chook
For a barbecued chook with a Middle Eastern difference, head on down to the newest entry on Crown Street, Surry Hills - Madam Char Char. You should expect your Lilydale free-range chook to be rubbed with herbs like ginger and cinnamon, and stuffed with burghal wheat. You’ll also get to choose from a stellar looking range of salads involving ingredients like pearl barley and quinoa, plus relishes, dips and fragrant salts including hot harissa. Co-owner Damien Monley, who also owns Woollahra’s popular Flat White Café, promises that his “goal is to punch above our weight and over deliver on quality food, value for money and exceptional service.” With spring just around the corner, it might be time for a picnic…
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