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Review - Itacho Sushi

This one's a bit of a tease unless you're travelling overseas! You may recall my recent column called Dining With Altitude which was made possible by the kind folk at Sydney Airport via a back-stage tour of the newly renovated foodie arena past Customs. During that visit, I enjoyed some offerings from Itacho Sushi, owned by Ricky Cheng of Hong Kong’s Itamae Sushi.

Well this time I visited, I was actually lucky enough to be flying somewhere, and not being on an official tour, I was able to enjoy a little sake! As my dining companion and I are still novices in the sake-sphere, we tried 200ml of the hot offering Suigei Jyunmai ($13) and 200ml of the cold Bishonen Jyunmai ($17) at the urging of the waitress. The cold was far superior, and I loved the clever serving bottle that allows ice to rest within the bottle without actually watering down your drink.

Here are some pieces of nigiri sushi - Fatty Salmon ($3.50), the almost leathery Surf Clam ($4.00) and the unctuous Scallop ($4.00) which was easily the best textured and tasting raw scallop I have eaten in Sydney.

We also enjoyed a six piece Squid ($15) arrangement, and again it was textural heaven! The slices were wafer thin - hardly surprising considering the chef Yoshifumi Tanimoto is an Itacho, or master sushi chef, licensed to cut up fugu (blowfish).

Don't forget to pick up a bento box on your way out - it's a great way to avoid the revolting cattle-class swill served up by most airlines! 

Itacho Sushi
International Terminal (T1), Sydney International Airport
Ph: (02) 9669 0754

Itacho Sushi on Urbanspoon
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