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Haverick Direct

If you read my weekly columns, you might have seen me talking about Haverick Direct. If you've missed the point of my excitement, Haverick Meats are a restaurant supplier who have opened up their wares to the retail market. What's more, they've done it without the prices that normally come with glam butcher shop fit-outs that include Himalayan salt tiles and the like.

As you can see they have a really lovely Truffle Salami ($10.99/100g), as well as Wagyu Bresaola ($7.99/100g) and the more luxurious imported Spanish Jamon Iberico ($20.99/100g) which I enjoyed very much with my eggs last Sunday.

Of course the real attraction is the beef - check out their live dry-aging web cam HERE. You can buy pre-cut selections like steaks, or you can go for larger cuts. We decided to break my usual grass-fed ultimatum and try a well-priced Riverine Grain Fed Beef Rump ($56.93/5.180kg) with a marbling score of 2+.

What's even more exciting is that they have butchers ready and waiting to cut them up to your specifications if you'd like.

They even have acclaimed chefs on hand to give you that little edge in the kitchen - while I was there I chatted to Detlef Haupt who used to head the culinary team at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre. However I had my own ideas about what was going to happen with this bone-in Free Range Lamb Leg ($24.27/2.208kg). I wanted a roasted lamb, pine nut, pumpkin, baby spinach, pear and goat's cheese salad.

Luckily the home chef was amenable... so it wasn't long before I was eating one.

The rump has since been converted into six lovely steaks and a wonderful beef curry, with a picanha at the ready to rotisserie for next weekend. We got about twenty serves in all from it. I definitely think the prices and quality of the produce make this a worthwhile meat stop, and with Brasserie Bread Bakery Café less than five minutes away, you can combine it with a spot of breakfast, some sourdough shopping and a decadent Bourbon Vanilla Eclair.

One final destination that is also around the corner from this market (and great for a spot of lunch) is Agapé Organic Restaurant & Bar, which is Australia's largest organic restaurant. I have a review coming next week, so you'll have to wait to see why. But my advice is, take a large freezer bag so you can safely leave your meat in the car while you enjoy a gala day of produce shopping and eating in this budding foodie paradise!

Haverick Direct
13 - 15 Green St, Banksmeadow
Ph: (02) 9316 8900
Hours: Saturdays 9am-2pm

Brasserie Bread Bakery Café

1737 Botany Rd, Banksmeadow
Ph: (1300) 966 845
Hours: Saturdays 8am-2pm

Agapé Organic Restaurant & Bar
1385-1387 Botany Road, Botany
Ph: (02) 8668 5777
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