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Review - Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant

In over thirty years of operation, Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant has certainly carved out its own unique place in Sydney’s dining scene. Whilst vegetarians and vegans are the obvious target audience, what it does best is cater to the omnivores who dine with them, surprising them with filling, tasty and satisfying dishes that don’t contain meat. Three Mushroom Ravioli ($12.50) with grain mustard and cream sauce is a great beginning;...

....though Indian Pakoras ($10.90) also prove tasty, converting easily to suit vegans by leaving off the accompanying yoghurt.

With mains, owner/chef Adam de Ath’s English Spinach and Kumara Gnocchi ($20.50) with lemon and garlic cream sauce has been my stalwart for nigh on six years – the menu’s incredibly stable.

Guilt pushed me to try the newest entry, an excellent and lighter Cauliflower Castle ($22.50). I really liked the very light Bearnaise sauce which set of the tender little cauliflower florets beautifully.

A very cheesy (but rennet-free) top on the Individual Lasagna ($19) makes it another filling proposition; but portions do mostly assume diners will find space for...

...their creamy and delicious Crème Caramel ($12.50).

If you’re really struggling, wrap up with a scoop of refreshing Coconut Sorbet ($3). With reasonable Corkage ($2/head), BYO easily wins over a pedestrian wine list. Staff are warm but resist rushing… so settle in for the night. A bonny Golden Retriever named Paris makes late night visits to the bathroom a particular pleasure!

Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant
71 Evans Street, Rozelle
Ph: (02) 9818 4201

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