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Review - Izote Mexican

Whilst several people have recommended this restaurant to me, I’m sad to report that my dining experience left me wishing I’d saved my money and gone up the road to Guzman y Gomez. To my taste buds, the chain produces tastier, more authentic Mexican food than the poorly reheated, cheesy, sour cream and tomato sauce loaded dishes I found here.

The restaurant was packed on the evening I dined, so the first inkling of trouble came when our food landed without fanfare moments after ordering. Whilst the Queso Fundido Al Chorizo ($12.50) survived the fast heating method...

...our Nachos de Carne ($17.90) were soggy and flat. Even a side of Pickled Jalapenos ($4) failed to lift them, containing a mere modicum of heat. My dining companion muttered something about supermarket bought Old El Paso jalapenos being tastier at this point, but having given them up years ago for authentic Mexican produce, I can't comment.

Hungry we pressed on with Quesadillas ($19.90) that sadly came with exactly the same beef as our nachos (with warning I would have selected another filling), and a bland mound of Mexican rice.

The thin and insipid Chile Verde ($19.50) was a far cry from the unctuous, rich, green tomatillo-laden stew I have experienced at other Mexican restaurants (see for example Agave Restaurante Mexicano back HERE). The neighbouring stack of badly reheated tortillas compounded my misery – the outer ones were as leathery as a boot!

This was the table as we left it, with the rest of our BYO bottle of Capel Vale 2009 Pemberton Chardonnay in hand. For the record, we've never left a restaurant before being able to drink a bottle of wine in our lives, and this was a stunning wine - the saving grace of my evening.

Speed’s nice; I’d prefer quality.

Izote Mexican
6 King Street, Newtown
Ph: (02) 8084 9651

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