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Travel - Harrigan's Irish Pub, Harrington

My partner and I both come from strained families. As a result, we both proceed as if Christmas is a distant blur until it's right upon us. That's how we ended up here - Harrigan's Irish Pub at Harrington - on Christmas Eve. You see Tinonee (our actual destination) and Taree (the closest big town to our actual destination) had sold out of accommodation, unless you were prepared to stay at the hotel I dubbed on our last visit the 'Transfats Hotel' (so close was it to KFC the smell had permeated all fabric). So Harrington won our business, despite their ominous warning: "We have a band until 10.30pm."

We arrived at sunset so settled in the glassed in courtyard. I guess they get a lot of wind or something?

A half dozen Oysters ($18) proved a little creamy for my taste. Better was a 'shot' of Bacardi 151 ($8) on ice because they can't serve shots, and a chaser of El Jimador with Bitters and Lemonade ($7).

Barely a sip in, the meals arrived. The Eye Fillet with Bearnaise, Chips and Salad ($32) was heavy on the tarragon on an average steak (I guess you're paying for the fit-out) with good beer battered chips.

My Chicken Schnitzel with Prawns and Garlic Sauce ($21) had height! Once again it was good but not great, the prawns were disappointing though the chicken itself was moist and flavoursome.

With another round of drinks in hand, we settled in to await 'the band'. Luckily it turned out to be one man doing Coldplay and Angus and Julia Stone covers with a guitar and a snare drum, interrupted by the drawing of the Xmas raffle (upon which time ninety percent of the patrons left, guess they don't like bands in Harrington). Thank goodness for small mercies.

Harrigan's Irish Pub
Josephine Boulevard, Harrington
Ph: (02) 6556 0555

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