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Review - MissChu @ Opera Kitchen

Popularity can have its downside. I headed back to Opera Kitchen for an early pre-show meal intent on sampling the offerings of MissChu, only to find the store had sold out of almost everything!

One fluffy BBQ Pork Char Sui Bun ($3.50) and...

...a few tender Scallop and Prawn Steamed Dumplings ($9.50) later, my hunger was far from sated.

Luckily the arrangement down here is conducive to a progressive dinner; and a Chef’s Selection of Mixed Sushi ($14) from Kenji Japanese seemed like the right place to begin. Speedy waiter service had it on the table before my cocktail, a Hemmingway Cooler ($17), which lacked a little of the pizzazz I usually expect at this price point.

The corners were filled by The Charlie Chilli Dog ($19.50), which didn’t quite rival the burgers I tried on my last visit. More Parmesan and Truffle Fries ($10) however were a given. From Cloudy Bay Fish Co. I sampled The Fish Grill ($24.50) that let down the side a little with a disappointingly overcooked piece of Kingfish.

Since it’s still early days, a few hiccups and shortages are forgivable – especially when a Banana and Salted Peanut Brittle Tartlet ($6) from the Becasse Bakery had me moaning with pleasure.

This really is the perfect food to combine with a show at the Sydney Opera House. On this particular evening we took in the Wau-Wau Sisters which included loads of laughs, some death defying trapeze, a nicely anti-religious story enhanced by audience participation and culminating in a reenactment of The Last Supper. Our own night ended with most of our co-conspirators indulging in their merchandise - panties that say FUCK on one side and YEAH on the other. It pays to advertise.

MissChu @ Opera Kitchen
Lower Concourse, Sydney Opera House, Sydney
Ph: (0450) 099 888 www.operakitchen.com.au

Miss Chu @ Opera Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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