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Review - Braza Churrascaria

The maddening aromas of charcoal and meat captivate me every time I drive down Norton Street. This is a problem, because I live on Norton Street.

It’s taken me a while to get here though, because Brazilian places are often a festival of meat without much else going on. I will now eat humble pie. Well first I will eat a complimentary Cheese Bread.

Now for the humble pie. The sides here are amazing – from intensely garlicky Couve (kale) to the...

...Salada Dois of beetroot, blue cheese, Brazil nuts and orange segments, to the...

...palm hearts and heirloom tomatoes of the Salada Tres – you need to request them all. They’re free with the Traditional Churrasco ($42/head) – it’s the same price for everyone, yes, even if you’re vegetarian/pescatarian or on one of those other diets where the logic is only understandable by the owner.

The rotating skewers come out according to a detailed whiteboard, ensuring each wave of diners gets the full shebang.

Pace yourself – beyond a butcher’s shop of meat (the best being the Picanha or rump cap) there’s also grilled prawns, moist fresh Basa...

...wrapped in banana leaves, garlic bread, ...

....polenta fingers, fried banana, cassava chips and...


...tasty poultry.

That's not even mentioning the lovely tomato salsa, and farofafa (roasted cassava flour) that I sprinkle on almost everything, and the well-cooked pork leg. Suffice to say, much feasting occurred.

The only thing more exciting than the food, are the drinks! Amongst pages of cocktails you’ll find the quaffable creamy coconut and vodka Batida ($13) milkshake (so good, I had two). Indulge in a flight of Caipirinhas ($36/3 x 240ml), or sample pleasant pear and lemon sours in the Luciana ($15), named (according to our personable and handsome Brazilian waiter) for a waitress with a pear-shaped bottom. Yes, the Brazilians love their rump.

Braza Churrascaria

13 Norton Street, Leichhardt
Ph: (02) 9572 7921

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