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Review - The Island Bar

Well it's not quite a review this one - it's more a photo-diary of my experience at The Island Bar courtesy of my iPhone and Instagram.

If you don't know what the heck I am talking about, I have the details back HERE in my column.

We arrived at Cockatoo Island in style, using a water taxi from outside the Museum of Contemporary Art. You of course could do the same, or you could save your dollars for drinking and take the ferry. You can find the full timetable HERE.

The bar itself is made from recycled shipping containers and astro-turf. A wonderfully appropriate combination for the location.

The cocktails are (mostly) great. They've got an Italian aperitivo type theme going on. This is an Aperol Spritz ($15). Well actually, it's a row of Aperol Spritzes. You should note that ALL cocktails come in Jugs ($45). This is a GREAT thing.

The tasty bites include a range of cured meats on toasted breads. It's not the most imaginative food in town, but the cold cuts were definitely good quality. I guess some allowances need to be made for making the food without a proper kitchen on an island... but equally, if you're going to let a lot of people visit a bar, it needs the facilities to produce food at the same rate they're drinking (and that was fast).

The views from the bar are pretty spectacular. The toilets (though a hike) are in an amazing industrial looking building... We once saw Machine Gun Fellatio perform here (The Turbine Hall) at the very first Cockatoo Island Festival.

As sun sets it's time to jump on a boat and return. "Why don't boats come with greater frequency," I ask as if for the first time. Somehow whenever I go to Cockatoo Island I always seem to get one moment of that 'trapped' feeling, no matter how well I plan it. Perhaps I shouldn't wait until I am drunk and over it to leave?

As the sun sets I gaze wistfully at the not-so-distant shore. It doesn't look so far away...

The Island Bar is really a GREAT concept, in which some parts is very well realised, and some parts falls a little short. I think the experience wins out over the shortfalls - go experience a bit of Sydney people rarely get to enjoy, now with added cocktails. If you prefer to eat at the same time, consider taking some snacks with you... I reckon a cheese plate would go down here rather nicely.

The Island Bar
Cockatoo Island

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