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Review - Let's Eat (Marrickville)

This small and unassuming Marrickville restaurant boasts food that’s anything but. The chef, Polawat Danphasukul, has Thai mover-and-shaker Spice I Am in his pedigree. Here he manages to demonstrate that Thai authenticity doesn’t need to equate to a challenging dining experience.

Guided by another Spice I Am graduate Phannisa Sricharoen (who warms the floor with her bright smile), I begin with an all-natural blended ice beverage – Lime Refresh ($4).

My palate invigorated, I advance to superbly tender Grilled Pork Skewers ($5.90/4) – apparently overnight marination is the secret!

Swayed by the exciting house specialities I proceed through Nam Khao Tod ($13.90), a texturally enjoyable crispy rice salad amped by sausage and coconut;

...and tenderly stewed beef shin in a vibrant green house-made curry paste called Neu Pad Cha ($15.90). Pea-sized baby Thai eggplants burst on your tongue beside their larger siblings.

The juicy lime-green beans in the Pad Prik King with Crispy Pork Belly ($15.90) are equally amazing; suggesting daily market visits by someone with an eye for excellent produce.

This is further confirmed by a wonderful seasonal dessert of Sticky Rice with Mango ($7.50), balanced so beautifully I’ve craved it ever since. Under-priced, over-delivers – Marrickville’s suburban gem (with whispers of a second store in the wind)!

Let’s Eat
352 Illawarra Road, Marrickville
Ph: (02) 9558 9508

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