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Review - Revolver *UPDATED*

Until I find a better place to while away the hours of a lazy afternoon, I’m going to keep returning to this Annandale gem. Besides, I got order envy when I saw a sizzling skillet of Revolver Big Brekkie ($16) delivered to a neighbouring table. However today’s Lime Marinated Tofu Salad ($15.50) was littered with interest – from hunks of sweet pumpkin baked in the skin, to cashews and well-cooked oyster mushrooms – it was so compelling I finished all the leaves.

A Grilled Chicken Salad ($15.50) was equally engaging. Why is it that whenever I add pickled beetroot to a salad at home I get something resembling a slaughterhouse, whereas here, mixed with free-range chook, Cypriot haloumi, candied walnuts, baby spinach and lemon tahini dressing, it looks and tastes mighty fine?

If the last golden rays of sunshine are inspiring you to stay put, investigate the cakes made by owner Rod Jones’ Ma.  You can expect your Melting Moment ($3.50) to be just that - an epically good instant of softly crumbling biscuit and glorious, sweet cream. An equally excellent Iced Coffee ($5.50) will wash the last dusty fragments down, leaving you with just the compelling desire for another. Never fear - they come in chocolate too.

See a couple of my earlier visits HERE.

291 Annandale Street, Annandale
Ph: (02) 9555 4727

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